What Are y00ts' NFTs, and are you on the y00tlist?



There is excitement in the crypto-verse about the y00ts NFT collection that will be in Solana. The same team that created the popular Solana DeGods collection has created a collection of 15,000 NFTs that will be stored on the Solana blockchain.


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Source:  y00ts website


How do y00ts work?


By Dust Labs, who previously created the DeGods NFT collection, y00ts is an NFT collection on the Solana blockchain. It was once known as "Duppies" before the concept of y00ts emerged. It was initially intended as a collection extension for the DeGods environment.


With the help of a cutting-edge scholarship program and an open mint list, the y00ts team pledges to create a community of 15,000 of the coolest Web3 users. In addition, the team plans to experiment with a new copyright and ownership system for NFTs that they are calling ⓨ, which is a customized version of the widely used copyright sign ⓒ.


Candidates have already emptied the waiting list even though the collecting hasn't yet begun. An accompanying Twitter account named "the y00tlist" will be used to notify all successful candidates. All successful applications are transparently listed on the dedicated Twitter feed. The y00ts website is simple and uncluttered, yet it includes some intriguing features. A different y00ts logo and characters are shown, for instance, when you click on the y00ts picture on the website.


The collection of y00ts NFTs looks to have been built around a single sheep picture with additional information added on top to give y00ts its distinctive features.

Source:  y00ts website

How can I get a y00t NFT?


For the y00tlist to be on the list of things that will be allowed in the next y00ts mint, users must be given a scholarship. The y00tslist method is similar to joining a project's presale except that users have to submit an application, which the team will decide whether or not to accept. For those on the y00ts list, 375 $DUST will be required to mint each y00ts NFT.


The list is now full and may be overcrowded; therefore, the only option is to wait for the first mint. After that, you may locate y00ts NFTs on Solana's auxiliary NFT marketplaces, like Magic Eden. The group has designated September 2, 2022, as the day on which their y00ts collection will be made available.

Source:  y00ts website


How are the makers of y00ts paid?


The y00ts team believes that by registering, they can open up a number of revenue tiers for each partner. Individual and independent artists can:


  • Artists are encouraged to list their works for sale in the y00ts shop because, after the first sale, they may start receiving royalties if they register with y00ts.

  • Collect royalties at a constant rate of income.

  • Create unique qualities and demand SOL or $DUST for them.

  • Develop clothing lines for the collection (spanning multiple traits).

  • Work on commission for holders for a fee (or for free).

What are the prices for y00ts NFTs?


There will be 15,000 NFTs in the y00ts collection. To mint a y00ts NFT, users will need to use $DUST, which is the native token of the DeGods ecosystem. According to what the creators said on Twitter, 375 $DUST will need to be made for a y00ts NFT. At the time of writing, 375 $DUST costs about $1320, or 36 SOL.

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