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One of the most well-known and pricey NFT collections in 2022 is Doodles. There are 10.000 unique NFTs with various randomly generated traits and rarities, all with original and eye-catching artwork. You can also read an article on blue-chip projects and their benefits, and in what ways the cryptocurrency market has an impact on the most well-known NFT projects.

As of the publication of this article, Doodles has acquired a total volume of 146.8K ETH since its launch. And as a bonus, we've included Doodles' rarity ranking in case you're wondering about the cost and availability of purchasing one of them for yourself.

The whole project was really well done from the start, and the NFTs are among the most attractive products to be launched this year. The position of blue-chip NFT collection was won by Doodles thanks to a strong team and excellent branding.

Who invented Doodles?

Three web3 entrepreneurs came together to create Doodles: Evan Keast, or Tulip, an NFT consultant and marketer who had previously worked with CryptoKitties; Jordan Castro, or Poopie; and Scott Martin, aka Burnt Toast, the illustrator behind the designs.

What distinguishes Doodles NFTs from other collections?

The fact that Doodles are so imaginative, unique, and colorful is perhaps one of the most obvious factors in their appeal. The project's staff took care to provide a broad range of graphics for each token so that each one is distinctive.

Additionally, the social media community for Doodles is incredibly vibrant. The crew is always on hand to address any questions, and new features and improvements are created frequently. Undoubtedly, the team's openness and professionalism contributed to the collection's high standard of art. 

Doodle #7836

What can I use my Doodles NFT for?

However, many individuals often forget about it and simply rush into collectibles for excitement, making it difficult for anybody seeking a chance to understand the value of an NFT. But in this instance, the Doodles team has made clear their plan and how they want to go from PFP NFTs to a more substantial web3 project from the outset. As you are aware, Doodles is now regarded as a top-tier investment in the NFT industry. Despite being steady and promising among other NFTs, this does not always imply that it is a risk-free investment option. As a result, a lot of individuals utilize Doodles as a valued asset.

The community at Doodles decides the project's future since it is a DAO. You get one vote for each NFT that you possess. But if none of that appeals to you and you don't believe it's worthwhile to use these NFTs as profile images, you can also sell them on the top NFT marketplaces for far higher rates.

What makes Doodles so popular?

The NFT Doodles have produced a secondary trading volume of almost $500 million as of the time of writing. It still ranks among the NFT collections with the biggest overall sales volume, but like everything else in this market, the value is prone to fluctuations. Given the overall situation of the market for decentralized applications, the floor price is not that concerning.

The main drivers of this success are the lineup of recognizable names, excellent branding and marketing, alliances and celebrity endorsements, and the timing of the collection's introduction.

Leading NFT influencers have gotten involved with Doodles and have openly declared their support for the initiative. The project reached an all-time high record when Pranksy, a well-known digital asset collector, paid $1.12 million for Doodle #6914 at the beginning of 2022. Furthermore, even though the value of these NFTs declined, they were able to better maintain their value when the bitcoin market crashed.

Doodle #6914

How can I get a Doodle NFT?

You should check our Doodles’ Rarity Ranking page if you're interested in buying your own Doodles to choose which one you want and can afford.

Doodles 2

The team behind Doodle's new NFT collection recently shared information about it with the public at an event in New York City. Notably, the hiring of Pharrell Williams as the web3 brand's new Chief Brand Officer received a warm reception from NFT market players. The news of a sizable investment from Seven Seven Six, Alexis Ohanian's venture capital company, was made at the same time.

Doodles also unveiled the video for Doodles 2 during the conference. A Doodles avatar is shown in the video making a Dooplicator and using it to make the environment more colorful. Immediately, a drab monochrome planet and its inhabitants are changed into a cheerful palette of colors—the pastels and rainbows that are distinctive of the collection. The Doodles 2 NFTs will be on sale this year, but a specific date hasn't been decided upon yet.

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