Aug 11, 2023

Y00ts Transitions: A Harmonious Shift from Polygon to Ethereum

In the intricate realm of digital codes and blockchain, Y00ts orchestrates a transformation, shifting its presence from Polygon to Ethereum. This decision isn't just about transferring platforms; it signifies the merging of two communities, a convergence rich with intrigue and purpose.

The Symphony of Unity

Once resonating on Solana's wavelength, the NFT collection Y00ts now harmonizes with a new rhythm: the Ethereum melody. This migration signifies more than just a change in scenery; it embodies a fusion with DeGods, a kindred composition in the digital orchestra. While the alignment has been announced, a specific date is yet to be revealed. Amidst this transition, DeGods unveils its Season III collection, a prelude to innovative expressions.

A Choreographed Transition

The echoes of change first reverberated in December. Y00ts bid adieu to Solana, pivoted toward Polygon, and secured a $3 million grant to fuel its expansion. However, the dance hadn't reached its final form. Rohun Vora, the visionary behind DeGods, emphasized the importance of unity – a harmonization of two digital clans. The melody was evolving.

Polygon's role wasn't stagnant; it was an elegant partner in this dance. It gracefully redirected $1 million of the refunded grant to support its native creators. Expressions of respect and collaboration flowed, painting a picture of a seamless transition. This was a dance marked by mutual respect, a ballet of astute business maneuvering.

The Tale of Transformation

Y00ts and DeGods have woven a dance that's both professional and poetic. This migration tells a story of technology, community, and imagination. It refuses to be mundane; instead, it's a journey brimming with unpredictability, grounded in business acumen. This chapter is merely in its infancy, a dance that continues to unfold, revealing new dimensions with every step.

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