Sep 20, 2022

A Hollywood actor auctions off his own photo as an NFT

In order to raise money to help restore sight to individuals in the developing world, Hollywood actor Javier Bardem plans to "give" a close-up shot of his iris using an NFT.

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Over the course of his 30-year career, Bardem has starred in several films and television shows, including Dune, James Bond: Skyfall, and the Oscar-winning No Country for Old Men.

The Eyes of the World Foundation (Ojos del Mundo) will auction off a snapshot of his eye on September 29 with a starting bid of $9,027 (or 9,000 euros). In addition to the digital picture in the form of a non-transferable token (NFT), you will also get a printed copy of the image that has been personally autographed and dedicated by the actor.

The Eyes of the World Foundation is launching a new fundraising drive called the Eyes of the World in the hopes of collecting enough money to finance new "ways of action and/or promote new initiatives in the Saharawi camps, Mozambique, Bolivia, or Mali."

Actor Javier Bardem has released a statement saying he is "I am happy to collaborate with ‘Irises del Mundo’ by donating a photograph of my iris to auction and continue helping the Foundation's collaboration on avoidable blindness."

Source: cryptoflies

While Javier Bardem is the first celebrity to "donate" his iris in favor of the campaign, the company has hinted at future auctions with other stars without disclosing their identities.

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