Sep 9, 2022

Jim Carrey Has Been Secretly Selling NFTs on Web3 Under an Alter Ego

Despite the fact that Jim Carrey's "first" NFTs were uploaded publicly on SuperRare in June and August, it was later discovered that he had released an NFT collection on Foundation dubbed "Germinations" months before, partnering with Mack Flavelle, the CEO of Big Head Club.


Recent events, such as flaws in the BAYC ApeCoin DAO and the proliferation of NFT and Metaverse-related trademarks, are also worth keeping tabs on.


In Germinations, Carrey voices five short animated paintings that range in duration from 30 seconds to 1 minute. While some are serious and others are unpredictable, they are all captivating. To make the NFTs, Carrey filmed brief scenes of himself acting, stopped the footage, and then used it to create paintings. 


When pressed further, Flavelle said, "They are truly the voices inside his brain." What he's hearing are separate personalities. So, take a look at any of his paintings and know that he painted them all. All of the works depict aspects of the artist's life. That's simply him being full of isms.

Since Carrey is already a well-known character, Flavelle, who previously co-founded other huge Web3 hits including Dapper Labs and CryptoKitties, said they didn't have to worry about making the site profitable. Because of this, he and Carrey were able to pursue project ideas that they found interesting on their own. After months of working together on the project, Flavelle said that Carrey's enthusiasm and desire for the creative process had left an impression on him.  Ironically, it was this annoyance that sparked the concept of a secret release.

“The Bottles that Empty Me”

The Bottles that Empty Me, which sold for 0.55 ETH at the time of this writing, was the collection's most popular item. Although Carrey and Flavelle debated keeping the secret for many years, they eventually decided it was time to divulge their identities.


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