Sep 21, 2022

National Lampoon opens its first Web3 Studio and announces NFT drop

National Lampoon is a comedic institution that began as a magazine offshoot of Harvard University's Harvard Lampoon before extending into radio and cinema.

It's now collaborating with the Web3-focused entertainment company Non-Fungible Films to release NFTs and other products based on the Lampoon's IP.

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The National Lampoon web3 campaign has begun. On Tuesday, the company announced its entry into the booming market with the launch of its first web3 studio. National Lampoon has also released the Poison Pill NFT, which will be available on October 26.

The firm began 50 years ago as a spinoff of Harvard Lampoon magazine before growing into various parts of the entertainment industry, including films, radio, live theater, and more. With the surge of mainstream corporations over the last year, National Lampoon began investigating potential in the rapidly developing web3 sector.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Web3 is a next-generation internet that uses new technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality devices, blockchain technology, and decentralized apps to provide interactive solutions that encourage community-based ownership.

"Over the last year we have been deliberate in formalizing an initial approach to Web3, given the rapid evolution in the market." Raj Singh, speaking on behalf of the National Lampoon, stated. “NL NFT is a Web3 destination focused on the intersection of artists, audiences, comedic entertainment, digital assets, experiences, and IP rights enabled by blockchain innovation."

The firm intends to use web3's creator-driven approach in cooperation with to create and manage collaborations, including both literary and performing comedic talent. In addition to the previously announced collaborations with Monax Labs and Non-Fungible Films, National Lampoon says it has already signed other agreements that will be disclosed ahead of the Poison Pill release in October.

A highly skilled board of advisors, including Jimmy McNelis (aka j1mmy.eth and Founder of nft42), Jeremy Drane—Co-Founder of both Monax Labs and Nifty's, Cameron Moulène of Non-Fungible Films, and Project Venkman's Gavin Gillas, will advise the firm.

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